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Use an inexhaustible range of shots and drills with our exclusive patented design. Put your custom shots in the playlist, and let players improve rapidly.

Play games against the KTP at any level of difficulty. Create shot sequences based on real play, including  random serves leading into different points every time.        

The mobile stand goes anywhere on the court and adjusts from 15 cm (6 in) below the net to a height of 210 cm  (84 in).

Badminton coaches can be more productive with players of all skill levels, and can easily measure the progress of each player with the consistent feeding of the Knight Trainer Pro.

Use the KTP with both feather and synthetic (nylon) shuttles, new or used.

KTP drills and points are easily exchanged with coaches and players around the world.

Maximize your space -  the KTP will run effective drills in as little as 1/3 the space of a full court.

Quality design ensures this low maintenance machine will provide you with years of training successes.

Control Features

Quickly and easily open drills, or create and save new ones. Choose speed, direction, tilt and timing for each shot, list them in a Playlist, and the Knight Trainer Pro will automatically make the changes to feed your drill. Customize training for each player by selecting the shots and level of difficulty.

Unique Versatility

Simply set the height, choose the KTP location on court, and create your shots with ease. Combine different kinds of smashes, drives, clears, drops, net shots, short or long serves, and the Knight Trainer Pro will continuously feed the drill randomly or sequentially as  you choose.

* Product is available in Canada only.  (For outside of Canada, please contact us @

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