Wilson baiardo tennis stringing machine canada

Stringing Service

Tennis Racquets are strung with a standard set of Monofilament 1.25mm strings along with the stringing installation service.


String Information

Our in-house set of strings is manufactured in Germany and provides every new racquet with a great combination of [Spin + Power + Durability] thanks to its polyester square-shaped design. 

Size: 16L Gauge / 1.25mm
Profile: Squared Design
Material: Monofilament co-polymer


How does it work?

1. Choose your frame and grip size.

2. Select the option to string or to buy strings.

3. Complete the list of stringing options.

4. Add your racquet to cart with the stringing information.

5. If needed, browse our selection of tennis strings and add the set you wish to have installed.


*All tennis racquets are shipped unstrung by the manufacturer unless string installation is specified.

*String installations add 24 hours to the order processing time.

*Once the racquet is strung, the racquet is no longer eligible for a refund.


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