Toolz Wrist/Ankle Weight (2kg - 4.4lbs) - (2pcs)

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TOOLZ Wrist/Ankle Weight 2kg

The weight sleeves are suitable for intensifying strength or cardiovascular training. They are strapped around the legs or arms and increase the mass that needs to be moved during exercise - ideal for jogging, walking, yoga, pilates and aerobics. Because the cuffs are attached with Velcro, they are size adjustable to fit everyone.
The weight is 2kg per cuff.

Product information:

  • Training device: weight cuff, 2 pcs.
  • Weight: 2 kg per cuff
  • Purpose: To intensify strength or cardiovascular training.
  • Special features: Size adjustable thanks to Velcro fastener

TOOLZ - The brand for training equipment

TOOLZ offers more than 70 training products in the categories strength training, coordination, fun play, stretching and yoga.
more variety and dynamics during training. With the clever fitness equipment, the training level is increased in no time.

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