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Product description Siux Beat hybrid padel racket

Beat hybrid padel racket.


- Level: Play Series
- Shape: Hybrid
- Faces: Fiberglass
- Frame: Fiberglass
- Core: Eva Soft
- Finish: Shinny
- Weight: 355g - 375g
- Touch: Medium
- Balance: Medium

Product description Siux Beat hybrid AIR padel racket

Short Description

The Siux Beat Hybrid in Purple is the perfect racket for a beginner Padel player looking for something of high quality and forgiving design. This Padel Racket is made with a low density EVA core and fiberglass face, giving it a very forgiving feel and allowing for maximum confidence when playing your shots. This also translated into ample power through the Padel Ball with high levels of maneuverability too.

Siux being commonly know as the players favourite Padel brand it was almost a given that these Padel Rackets are made to the highest of standards with the absolute best quality materials. Hand made and perfected for the most demanding of players of any level, from beginner to intermediate and professional Padel players alike Siux Padel will always be one of our top picks.

This hybrid shaped racket is where it gets its versatility from as you have a medium balance and a large sweet spot to go with it. This is why this has been developed as a forgiving platform which is further complimented with a soft touch EVA core that gives this racket a great feel while creating the levels of control needed to compliment its versatility in a hybrid setting. This core is then topped with a fiberglass face giving the racket a softer feel off the ball and a forgiving touch. This all is then surrounded by a fiberglass frame, adding to the rackets great feel and giving the racket the rigidity needed to perform at the level expected on the court.

So if you are looking for your very first Padel racket, something that you can call your own and will get your game to the initial level needed then we recommend the Siux Beat Hybrid Air Padel Racket in the awesome looking purple finish.

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