Bidi Badu Colortwist Junior Dress (Girl's) - Aqua/Blue

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Bidi BaduSKU: G1300001-AQBL-140

Size: M
Gender: Junior
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This piece features the typical BIDI BADU colour gradient and a cheerful design inspired by mandalas.
With its A-line, the dress creates a great feminine silhouette, which is additionally emphasised by the optical waist belt.
With the structured and moisture-absorbing properties of the fabric, the dress guarantees a high level of comfort on the court. The V-neckline at the front and back is another highlight and ensures unrestricted freedom of movement for your shots, especially at the back.
It is made from recycled polyester fibres.

- Waisted cut, tapered towards the bottom
- Swinging bottom
- V-neck on front and back
- Contrasting waistband
- Flounce skirt

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