Founded in 2017, Tennis Giant is an authorized Canadian online retailer for the industry’s leading brands as well a classic pro shop establishment with locations in certain private tennis clubs. Every brick-and-mortar pro shop store is designed to offer everyday players the daily essentials and services while adding a unique experience of having an entire warehouse of inventory at their fingertips.
Tennis Giant seeks to shift the current landscape of the tennis market, while continuously thriving to answer the ceaseless question: “Why can’t Canadians obtain the same exciting tennis gear as our neighbours south of the border?”
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Co-President and Co-owner of Tennis Giant was a competitive junior and
university tennis player, having competed on the national and international scene. He went on to teach
and coach tennis to finance his studies in Sciences and then Law. Prior to joining Tennis Giant, he obtained his license to practice law and has been a member of the Quebec Bar Association since 2005. Pursuant to his work as a litigation attorney, he gained over 15 years of experience in the Health Sciences Industry, having held executive and board roles related to the pharmaceutical and medical technologies industries. He is currently also certified to teach Pickleball, as well as being an internationally certified Master Pro Stringer.

Co-President and Co-owner of Tennis Giant played high level junior and varsity tennis. Completed a Masters’ degree in Sport Psychology and helped many elite athletes improve their mental skills and enhance their performances. He has gained extensive experience in the retail industry since opening a first proshop back in 2001. He has launched Tennis Giant back in 2017 with the goal of turning it into one of the premier wholesaler and retailer in the country. He has also an internationally certified Master Pro Stringer.  


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