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Train your anticipation ability and your reaction speed with the Toolz Reaction Ball and use it in your training. Playfully you promote your coordination and take your game to a new level. Soon you'll be invincible at catching balls. The fun is guaranteed!

How does this thing work and for whom is it suitable?

The ball bounces in an arbitrary direction when it hits the ground, which promotes reaction and anticipation when caught. The step in the right direction must be taken early in order to catch the ball safely. The eye, hand and foot coordination is trained and the coordination is improved. The trainer and the trainers can use the speedball in many different ways and thus increase the fun factor during training in a playful way.

Product information:

  • For the training of reaction speed and anticipation
  • Material: rubber/plastic
  • Colour: green

REACTION: The Toolz reaction ball increases your reaction speed playfully. Due to his atypical impact behaviour you have to anticipate his trajectory and react with lightning speed.

SUITABLE FOR: The Speedball is the ideal training device for children and adults to improve their dexterity.

DIFFERENT: The ball can be easily wrapped in any bag and can therefore be used anywhere. Whether in the living room, in the park or on the tennis court - and football pitch plays no role.

TOP QUALITY: The material is high quality and stable. The reflex ball is made of plastic and rubber and has an optimal grip.

YOUR WORKOUT: With the unpredictable reaction ball you can promote your eye, hand and foot coordination and train your coordination and reaction with great play and fun.

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