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TOOLZ Exercise Wheel - DIA

With the TOOLZ Exercise Wheel - DIA the arm and abdominal muscles as well as the back and shoulders can be trained.
The AB Roller is suitable for the entire upper body and allows an effective workout. The wide roller and the comfortable anti-slip handles prevent slipping and provide stability. The degree of difficulty can be determined by the user.
The degree of difficulty can be determined during core training, because the further you roll, the more demanding the workout.

product information:

  • Training device: abdominal roller
  • Purpose: core training - strengthens arms, abdominal muscles, shoulders and back
  • Suitable for: at home or in the gym
  • Features: Wide wheel & anti-slip grips.

TOOLZ - The brand for training equipment

TOOLZ provides with more than 70 training products in the categories strength training, coordination, funplay, stretching as well as yoga for
more variety and dynamics during training. With the clever fitness equipment, the training level is increased in no time.

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