Babolat MNSTR Pickleball Paddle - Yellow/Black

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The Babolat MNSTR pickleball paddle is a versatile performance paddle for competitive players who want power and control. RPM Max Grit technology generates impressive spin on every shot with the maximum grit allowed by USA Pickleball. SMAC dampening technology in the paddle face disperses vibrations to expand the sweet spot and increase the feel. From the back of the court to the kitchen line, the Babolat MNSTR pickleball paddle will take your game to the next level.


Spin to win. Topspin lets you hit harder with increased accuracy, drop 3rds at your opponents feet, and open up the court with angles. Backspin keeps the ball low, can be an effective reset, and makes the ball more difficult for your opponent to attack. RPM Max Grit technology features the maximum grit allowed by USA Pickleball, so you can generate heavy topspin and deadly slices from any place on the court.


The perfect balance. Spin, Power, Control, Feel: a tradition paddle shape, SMAC technology, 15 mm thickness, and an optimized weight make this paddle a versatile performer. Players who want to hit all types of dinks, drives, spins, smashes, serves, returns, and resets will appreciate the consistent and balanced all-around performance.

230 g +/- 5g / 8.1 oz
15 mm / 0.59 in
198 mm / 7.8 in
410 mm / 16.1 in
Face Finish
Rough paint
Core Material
EVA enclosed Polypropylene honeycomb core
Edge Guard
1/5" overlapping paddle face
Grip Length (in)
5 in

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